St Catherine's
Village Association

A local and community association

for the residents of the St Catherine's area of Guildford

About the SCVA

The St Catherine's Village Association (SCVA) dates back many decades, with its first AGM held in the 1960s. Its purpose is: to preserve and maintain the amenities; to educate and entertain the residents; and to enhance the coherence and fabric, of the community of the residential area of St Catherine's, Guildford.

This website is run by the SCVA Committee for the benefit of the community.

The Committee is elected at the AGM each year. They are committed to running the SCVA for the benefit of the local community. The Committee meets several times a year to discuss current matters of interest to St Catherine's and to make plans e.g. for future events. New Committee Members are always welcome!

The St Catherine’s area includes approximately 500 addresses within the area shown here:

SCVA Committee Work

The Committee works to build and maintain community engagement, continuing to focus on matters that affect and interest those who live in the St Catherine’s area.

This includes arranging community events, which give SCVA members (and even non-members) the chance to meet, chat and get to know each other and, depending on the event, to be educated and informed. The SCVA's Winter Party and Summer Lunch events are annually recurring items on the events calendar. Other events include presentations of interest, and exhibitions, mostly aimed at informing on local history.

The SCVA also follows local issues and represents the community’s interests regarding these. The areas in which the Committee is almost always active include local planning matters (including elsewhere in Guildford outside St Catherine's if of sufficient importance), traffic management and the road system in St Catherine's. The SCVA and its Committee are apolitical bodies.

Check out the latest Newsletter for updates.

The Committee also helps to coordinate local groups such as the Snow Team, who are a group of willing volunteers available to clear, at short notice, key points of St Catherine's roads affected by snow. In addition the Committee plays a minor and mostly facilitating role in promoting the overall safety and the avoidance or prevention of crime in St Catherine's.